The United Christ Church of India (UCCI) was started in August 5th of 2012 as Telugu Christian Church and very soon God gave us opportunity to reach every language and nation. In July 2014 christened as United Christ Church of India,Phoenix AZ and called as multicultural congregation in the valley. Today we have Telugu, Tamil, Marathi, Kannada & Hindi speaking believers attending worship services.


We are sponsored and blessed by Christ Church Anglican-Phoenix Arizona and in 2015 Diocese of Western Anglicans have accepted as a member congregation. we affirm that, God has accepted us into the fellowship of churches engaged in mission to reach for Unchurched people in every community as God gives us favor. We function under the spiritual authority of Bishop in Diocese of Western Anglicans & Arch Bishop of ACNA 


we meet every Sunday and worship the Lord with all our heart, mind, body and soul. Praise & worship - English, Hindi & Telugu, Bible readings, Holy Sacrament on 1 & 3 Sundays, sermon in English in which we engage to seek the Lord.


God has given opportunity for the past years to share our joy in a small way with retired pastors in south India. There is much to do in India to save souls and prepare for the Harvest. 



Daisy Ramesh: 480-635-6751                         Jeevan Murahari: 602-600-8726    Naveen k Gadipe: 480-704-4238

Solomon R Cherla: 404-274-0585                  Sundeep Thotey : 623-889-4734    Sunil Pola: 862-222-7159

Surya Jacob: 623-707-5001